Caveat emptor (Northern Colorado)

After a bad experience, I felt the need to post this. If you are planning to use people that call them selves the "Dent Dudes" in Northern Colorado here is my experience.

We just bought a newer suv for my wife, which was in great shape except for a few scratches on the rear hatch that were to deep for me to take care, so I wanted to get this handled quickly. I had seen the Dent Dudes add on CL (Fort Collins) and I was called by a gentleman with a 971 area code.

He came out and looked at it and went into detail as how he would handle the repairs and so we decided to work together. He used the vin and bought paint to match mine. I was inside working and after a while he said he was done. I came out side and to my surprise, the repairs were covered in turtle wax and auto tape. He said the paint would cure in a couple of days and I could then rub off the wax and remove the tape and he would be checking on me.

The time came to remove the tape and the wax and where he had the wax, you could see he didn't prep the deep scratches properly, as they were still there and his paint flashed and or wasn't matched right and now stuck out badly. I noticed over spray on both sides of the rear license plate and where he attached the automotive tape to the rear wind shield, when I removed it, it was covering over spray on the glass.

I called him and he assured me he would handle this right away. He called asking to stretch the time later as he was behind. Called again and asked for another hour and then after he was late to that time, I called off the entire thing.

I asked for my money back as he caused more damage than I had before and now I had to repair that. No more contact, no replies to my other attempts.

If you plan on using them, Buyer beware.

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