Unfinished Washers Board Set - $20 (Loveland)

condition: new
Unfinished Washer Toss Board Set
$20 per set
You can custom paint them or stain them.
Hand crafted locally.
*** Washers for playing NOT included. ***
Assembled and sanded, ready for you to paint or stain.

Directions On How to play washer toss:

Washer toss, frequently called washer pitching, is a fun tossing game mostly played during backyard parties.
This family game is very similar to horseshoes but much safer because the tossing object is much lighter than heavy iron horseshoe ring.
In washers’ game players throw very light steel washers that can be found in any hardware store.
Players alternately throw washers onto a washers board. If a washer lands in the hole it’s worth 3 points and if it lands in the box its worth 1 point. The player or team who first reaches 21 points wins the game.
Playing field
Washers can be played anywhere as long as washer boards can be placed on a flat surface 10 feet apart from each other. Distance between pits is usually determined by a string attached to the front of each box.
Just like in cornhole, each player has its own pitching box on the left and right side of a washer board.
The size of a pitching box is the same as the size of the board. In three-hole washer toss game, it’s 4 x 1 foot.
The foul line is in the same line as the front of the board, in other words on the front edge of a pitching box. If a player steps on or crosses the foul line it’s consider being a foul shot and it’s worth zero points.
Every toss must be from behind the front edge of the board.
Like in cornhole, players should maintain the same tossing side during the whole match.
Each team gets 3 washers, so in total 6 washers are tossed in each round (2 players and 3 washers).
Make sure that each team has different washer colors so it can be easily distinguished on the board. Once all six washers are thrown the round ends.
Washer toss equipment includes:
• 6 washers (3 for each team with different colors)
• 2 Washer boards

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