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300 Hickory Street

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This list is updated WEEKLY, not daily. If there is a specific breed you are looking for, please call to verify that breed is still here. We do ask you do not call and ask what all is available, with as many breeds as we carry, we do not list off over the phone. WE DO NOT CARRY ADULT HENS..the "laying chicks sexed as hens" means they are guaranteed to be female.

LAYING CHICKS CURRENTLY IN STOCK: $3.85 SEXED AS HENS (unless otherwise marked)

• Austrawhite
• Barred Rock
• Black Australorp
• Black Sex Link (day & 3 weeks old)
• Blue Andalusian
• Brown Sex Link (3 weeks old)
• Buckeye (few left)
• Buff Brahma $4.95
• Buff Minorca (few left)
• Buff Orpington
• Cochin
• Cuckoo Maran $4.50
• Dark Brahma $4.95
• Delaware (3 weeks old)
• Gold Sex Link (3 weeks old)
• Golden Laced Wyandotte (1 & 3 weeks old)
• Light Brahma $4.95
• Olive Eggers (Privett) $8.95
• Red Sex Link (3 weeks old)
• Rhode Island Red (day old and 2 weeks)
• Turkins
• Welsummer $4.50
• White Leghorns

BANTAMS CURRENTLY IN STOCK: $3.95 (unless otherwise marked) NOT SEXED, No Rooster Guarantee , No Survival Guarantee.

• Light Brahma Bantam
• Frizzles
• Porcelain D'Uccle (few left)
• Silkies

RARE BREEDS CURRENTLY IN STOCK: PRICING VARIES: (Due to the rarity of these breeds, and our mandatory 48 hr. hold prior to selling, they are not covered under our survival guarantee)

• Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (DARK VARIETY) $18.95 (few available)
• Golden Cuckoo Maran $19.95
• Olive Eggers $18.95

LAYERS COMING IN FRIDAY, February 15th, 2019:
• Ameraucana
• Ancona
• Barnevelder $4.95
• Black Langshan
• Black Wyandottes
• Buckeye $4.95
• Columbian Wyandotte $4.95
• Cream Brabanter $4.95
• Gold Brabanter $4.95
• Gold Hamburgs
• Norwegian Jaerhon $4.95
• Partridge Wyandotte $4.95
• Russian Orloff $4.95
• Salmon Faverolle $4.95
• Sicilian Buttercup
• Speckled Sussex
• White Faced Black Spanish $4.95 (few available)
• White Laced Red Cornish

BANTAMS COMING IN FRIDAY, February 15th, 2019:
• Asst. D'Uccle
• Asst. Japs
• Asst. Polish
• Asst. Silkies
• Black Crested White Polish $4.95
• Splash Polish $4.95
• Splash Silkies $4.95
• White Crested Blue Polish $4.95

All poultry come in on Friday mornings, as day-olds. We try to give the birds a couple hours to get in, get warmed up and get food and water. We reserve the right to hold birds until we feel they are recovered from travel. We do not carry adult hens.

Don't forget, we do special orders with no minimums on chickens, bantams, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea keets.
All our laying breed chicks are vaccinated for Marek's Disease. Meat chickens, turkeys, waterfowl and keets are not vaccinated.

All layers are 93% guaranteed as hens, however if you end up with a rooster we will take him back if we have space (must call first, roosters brought back without approval will be turned away), and we can offer 1 baby chick as a replacement, no refund. WE WILL NOT TAKE BACK ROOSTERS WITHOUT PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM US. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are not responsible for chicks purchased elsewhere. Every chick purchaser is given a blue sheet with the purchased birds on it, this IS your guarantee and it must be kept for any guarantees to be valid. Without a receipt or special order in the book, we will not take the roosters back.

We do not guarantee bantams or anything straight run, nor do we take those roosters back. There is a 24-hour survival guarantee on standard laying breeds only (DOES NOT include bantams, extremely rare breeds, turkeys, ducks or guinea fowl) as long as all requirements are met, and we can only guarantee survival on OUR HOUSE BLEND CHICK START N' GROW.

We will not take back chicks that have left the property and are under 4 months old. For biosecurity reasons, we are unable to put them back in the brooder once they have left the room. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. This policy is in place for the health and safety of the birds.

We will hold any PRE-ORDERED poultry, waterfowl and guinea for 48 HOURS ONLY. After that, if you have not picked up your order, they are going to be put up for sale. There are no exceptions. We cannot hold birds unless they are ordered prior to arrival.


Please feel free to call us to place an order or ask any questions, or come on in to see the babies!

Feeders Supply

300 Hickory Street
Fort Collins, CO
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