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To the heart-centered horse person :

Where do we go, once we’ve laid down the stick and the escalating pressure? What comes next, after the decision to leave the clicker and the treat bag in the tack room? How do we learn to listen, to hear the truths our horses share, after years of not being listened to ourselves?

To move forward, we must try something different - I’d like to help you and your horse make that leap.

I have been a student of the horse for nearly twenty years. My own journey has taken me through the lands of natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement, track system horsekeeping and equine massage. I’ve had the opportunity to earn the trust of a wild mustang and reshape the perceptions of the human world for another. I am currently a student of Lockie Phillips and Emotional Horsemanship. I know what it is to feel fear around horses and, also, what it is to find deep and enduring peace.

Every modality I’ve studied has gifted me with nuggets of wisdom that I’m now feeling called to share. The horse world is changing - it’s time to celebrate our horses for the unique individuals they, meeting them as equals in our endeavors.

Regardless of discipline, existing skillset, or ability (of you and/or your horse!), we can work together to build a foundation based in care and nurturance - a foundation that puts friendship, mutual regard, and communication FIRST to allow for trust to grow like something wild. Because when love and deep, heart connection take the place of fear and dominance, what can’t we achieve?

Horsemanship lessons will begin on the ground and can move beyond into riding if/when horse and human pairs are ready - always, there will be a focus on deepening two-way communication. This work can exist as an addition to the things you already love to do, or help you start again, from the beginning.

I’d love to talk to you more - about both the struggles you face and the dreams you dream for you and your horse. In-person lessons available at your barn in Fort Collins, or virtual lessons available via Zoom if you’re farther afield.

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