condition: like new
make / manufacturer: var
model name / number: var
moving boxes professional moving boxes.
broken down, stored.

QUANTITIES are ALWAYS in FLUX. we may not have every box you want/need.
get your order in EARLY!!!

note pricing details in SOME OF the pictures and some inventory info. inventory is NOT complete. always in flux.


also, the minimum purchase is $25.00. it is not worth my time to go to my warehouse
and sell 1 box for .86 cents.

if you're offended, you can go to home depot or lowes and pay retail.

i offer an amazing service and amazing prices. this is due to people who only wanted
a box or 2 and then, after a multitude of emails/texts, no showed. my time is valuable.

all boxes are used once and from multi million dollar homes. clean and safe for your belongings.

1 use. clean and like new. from multi-million-dollar home, local move. no bugs, no smoking clean.

prices below do NOT include tax or delivery/shipping

PACKING TAPE - 48 rolls (Brand New).
6 packs - $24.799

single roll - $6.99 3 available
single roll with cutter - $7.99 3 available


1.5 cubic (small) book/record - qty available:~50
whole sale: $1.26
your price:$0.86

1.5 cubic (small) HEAVY DUTY- qty available:~21
wholesale $2.18
your price: $1.18

12" cube (uhaul) 1 cubic foot
price $0.96 23 available.

3.1 cubic (medium) - qty available:~53 available
whole sale: $ 1.86
your price: $ 1.19

4.5 cubic (large) - qty available:~4 doz
whole sale: $2.22
your price: $1.55

dish pack (double wall, 5.2 cubic) - qty available:~5 doz
whole sale:$ 7.59
your price: $5.00

mirror pak/picture boxes - qty available: 0
4 make one box for fine art, mirrors, flat panel tvs up to 55 inches and any other flat pack type items. 4pc 30x40 Mirror Carton is designed as a Telescoping Carton, with a 4 way vertical and horizontal direction adjustment to accommodate any size picture or mirror up to 30"x40".
wholesale: (for 4 pieces)-$14.40
your price$8.89

MISC PICTURE BOXES: see pictures below with pricing. 7 available

wardrobes (full size - 24" x 24" x 48" with bar) - qty available:~100
whole sale:$ 24.52 (you would pay 25-30 for these in the store)
your price: $15.90

wardrobes (20" x 24" x 48" with bar) - qty available:~9
whole sale:$ 22.92
your price: $12.90

wardrobes "SHORTY" - qty available:~ 9
whole sale: $18.94
your price: $10.90

**used** news print (this has NOT been flattened and and is ready for reuse - in trash bags) - qty available:~ 5
roll 10lbs $24.05
large bag full - $6.50 appx 5 pounds of newsprint.

TV boxes (various sizes - from U-LINE double wall cardboard w/ foam insert $18-156)
2 Large - $44.86 ea

LAMP BASE CTN (12x12x40h) - qty available:~ 3
wholesale: $9.07 USD
your price: $4.79

tape: NEW ROLLS: $6.99 - qty available:~ 48

delivery within 10 miles - free if you order $150.00 minimum (otherwise, delivery is $35.00). ft collins, longmont, windsor 65.00 greeley, longmont $125, boulder, denver$135.00 deliver

if delivered, must be paid with SQUARE in full in advance (square - TAX 6.7% + 7% CC charge)

NOTA BENE: unless you're buying $150.00 or more of boxes, the price above WAY BELOW WHOLESALE - is the price.
...you want to haggle, there won't be any haggling under $150.00 orders.

A box is NOT just a box
It is a big mistake to assume that a professional grade household carton is no different to any other cardboard box you could pick up from a store.

Moving boxes have been through an edge crush test (ECT). These boxes have a stamp on their side to prove they have passed this important test.

This gives you peace of mind that your boxes won't buckle when stacked.

Which storage boxes are used for what?
1.5 Cubic Feet 'Small' Storage Boxes
Our small household cartons are sometimes referred to as 'book boxes' because they are ideally suited to items which are relatively heavy but compact. However, small moving boxes are also perfectly suited for CDs, tools and small appliances.

We also recommend small cardboard boxes for fragile, breakable and valuable items such as antiques, collectables and silverware.

3.0 Cubic Feet 'Medium' Storage Boxes
Our medium storage boxes are ideal for items which are bulky but not too heavy. Examples include clothes, shoes, children's toys, purses, lamp bases and electronic equipment.

4.5 Cubic Feet 'Large' and 6.0 Cubic Feet 'Extra Large' Storage Boxes
Our large and medium storage boxes are suitable for your very bulky but lightweight items. You can empty your linen cupboard into these as they will handle towels, blankets and pillowcases. Large boxes are also perfect for large stuffed toys and comforters.

Wardrobe Cartons and Dishpaks
Wardrobe cartons offer a really convenient way of packing and transporting clothes. Items on hangers can be moved straight on to the inbuilt rail while shoes, socks, underwear and sports equipment can be packed into an additional section of the box.

Dishpaks make organizing your fine china and stemware much more manageable. Simply wrap each item in high quality newsprint and/or bubble wrap beforehand.

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