1 free guitar lesson (also piano/bass/uke/mandolin) (Loveland and Fort Collins)

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Purchase a full month (first month) of half hour lessons at the regular price of $120 and receive an additional free lesson. Lessons are taught at Alan's home studio in north Loveland on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, as well as at Boomer Music in Fort Collins on Thursdays. Alan Skowron is a very experienced music instructor (30+ years) and has earned a Master's Degree in Music Performance from Colorado State University. Lessons are 1/2 hour once per week, with 4 lessons in a month. Hour lessons are also available ($200p/month). Please mention this ad to receive this special offer of the additional free lesson.

Alan Skowron teaches all styles from rock, jazz to classical. He teaches all levels of players. Lessons include much more than just learning "riffs" or "songs". Music theory, technique, ear-training, improvisation and sight reading are all covered in lessons. Additional information regarding music lessons on line is located at my website. Please search for it by using my name. Learn from someone who can play the guitar well and knows how to teach.

Here are some testimonials of Alan's guitar/music teaching:

"I came to Alan as a seasoned guitarist with clear shortcomings I wanted to work on - the exercises and expertise he exposed me to helped immensely after just a few lessons. He really knows how to tune up best what you need help with. He is also professional in how he works with and treats his students, and really just a nice guy. I highly recommend him." - Chris F.

"After taking guitar lessons for 6 months with Alan, I feel I have a good enough feel for his style to share a review. I would classify myself (when I started) as an beginner/intermediate electric guitar player looking to take it up a notch in terms of soloing and improv. I had taken lessons from elsewhere 8 years prior but hadn't done much since then. I didn't want to take lessons from a guitar shop and get a random teacher because I'd had mixed results with those places. After some internet searching, Alan's bio popped up and he seemed interesting. He's got a background in both Classical and electric guitar, and he went to college specifically to learn how to teach. My 6 months learning from Alan have been great. Some key points to bring up:
* He's got a plan: Previous instructors didn't seem like they put any thought into my progression but rather would say things like "What do you want to work on today". I need structure and a plan to make progress.
* He's big on form and fundamentals: Previous instructors didn't correct little form issues when I was playing. Alan points them out and had me correct my form from day 1. Those fixes have helped me long term. Other instructors didn't stress form very much.
* He's big on having you read music: If you're learning electric guitar, other teachers will likely just have you read tab. While Alan certainly uses plenty of tab, you are encouraged to read music as well. This is a major plus.
* He's ok with dabbling in multiple styles: When I started, I was just playing electric guitar/blues. Then I showed an interest in classical guitar and we spent some time at the end of our lessons playing his nylon stringed classical guitar. I liked it so much I'm exclusively playing classical music. I really appreciated the exposure to multiple styles.
* He makes it fun and low pressure: I have a job, kids and limited time. I'm not going to progress as fast as a teenager. He mixes form drills and lessons with songs to keep it fresh while advancing my knowledge. And when I slack off a week I never leave feeling like he was disappointed. His prices are very standard for private lessons, but I feel like you get more than your money's worth. His studio at his house is comfortable and private for those that are self conscious. Can't recommend enough." - Kevin L.

"After a year of taking beginner guitar lessons, I can highly recommend Alan as a teacher. I was able to make a great amount of progress in my playing with his help. Alan is great at explaining musical concepts in a way that is easy for a beginner to understand. Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable, he is a very patient teacher." - Joel M.

Please reserve your spot today. Spots are filling up fast! Thank you!

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