Open Labs Miko LX Production Station - $1,150 (LONGMONT)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: Open Labs
model name / number: Miko LX
The MiKo is a processor-powered media production hub based on Windows XP and produced somewhere between 2001 and 2008. It includes then top of the line everything, including its graphics card and the components that make up its rather beefy, 7.1-channel sound system. A 1TB hard drive includes enough space for plenty of multimedia files, and the built-in dual layer DVD burner assists with video authoring. Of course, it's got all the important network connections as well, with an Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi. For the more specialized parts, Open Labs says they created the drivers from scratch, thereby improving reliability.

Open Labs Production Station Components: Open Labs production stations includes a DVD/CD-writer, so that you may use it as a backup device, or to create audio CDs of your music. The DVD/CDRW drive can also be used to play CDs, DVDs, or install software. Hard Drive The hard drive is the main physical storage device for all your data and applications. Because hard drives are delicate devices, always treat them with care. Power Button/Reset Button The power switch and reset button are located in the recessed area on the right side of the keyboard. Audio Interface Open Labs production stations include a mutichannel audio interface. Please refer to Chapter 2 for information about the specific audio input/output features of your Open Labs production station. USB Ports (2) Two rear USB ports allow connections to USB devices. Internal USB Port All Open Labs production stations have at least one unused USB port located inside the chassis. This is ideal for USB software protection devices. Monitor Port The monitor port allows you to connect any monitor with a standard VGA connector to your Open Labs production station. Ethernet 10/1000 The Ethernet port will accept a single high-speed cable connection. This will allow you to share files, print, and access the Internet. DIMM Expansion Slots If your Open Labs production station is currently fitted with less than 4GB of RAM, you can install additional memory. Open Labs production stations support 240-pin, DDR2 DIMMs. Call technical support for details about expanding an Open Labs production station’s memory capacity. PCI/PCI-E Expansion Slots PCI and PCI-Express slots are for adding additional hardware boards such as I/O Open Labs Production Station Manual 7 cards, DSP cards, or additional graphics boards. Add-in boards should all be Microsoft Windows XP compatible. If you are unsure, please call Open Labs technical support. Performance Controllers An Open Labs production station’s top panel contains a variety of faders, knobs, buttons, and a DJ A/B fader. All of these may be mapped to control the functions of various applications, instruments, sequencing software, etc. Open Labs Miko production station has a touchscreen monitor. The touchscreen provides an alternative method of inputting commands. It can be used by itself as the sole source of command input, or it can be used in conjunction with the built-in keyboard and track pad, or a standard keyboard and mouse. A fair amount of bundled software is provided including s Proteus synth and a lite Pro Tools version (not part of the original bundled software).

A heavy duty Keal Precision road/flight case is included and clearly was a product adapted particularly to the Miko.

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