Could use a tiny bit of help.... (Fort Lupton)

Hey there,

My name is Sean, I am 34 and looking for a temporary housing situation. This past January I went through a breakup. Since then I have been renting a room in an extended stay hotel in Firestone. That being said, it is peak season for rentals here and the weekly rent has increased to where its not totally feasible for me to stay here for the time being. Some information about me.

-I work 2 jobs, one for the government and one for Dominos. 3-4 days a week I leave Firestone at 5am and don't get home till about 8-9pm. Total I usually have 2-3 afternoons, Saturday morning, and all of Sunday off.
-I do drink and vape. But don't smoke 420. I vape outside, and drinking is never to the point of blackout
-I enjoy all types of music.
-Usually in bed around 10-11pm, and quiet and to myself.
-I have no pets. And have no objections if you do, and I'm not allergic to cats.
-I am also handy to have around as I have a background in maintenance and construction.
-I do occasionally work on my vehicle.
-Clean background.
-My ex and I are also trying to work things out, for the sake of the daughter if nothing else. Which also does have me not home much.

If you have something preferably private I would be interested in hearing from you. The only draw back is due to the high cost of staying at this extended stay, I would need to pay back a portion of what is required to move in, over time. --But can absolutely provide check stubs to verify my income to show I am able to.
-Also preferably furnished as I don't have a bed or furniture or anything to really move in.
-I can also provide 50% off at Dominos if you're a fan.
-Looking for something to rent around 800-1200 range all inclusive for a minimum of 3 months. I can go a little over that for the right location or amenities.
-Looking for something around Longmont, Firestone, Fort Lupton, Green Valley Ranch, North Aurora, Thornton, Westminster. Pretty much anywhere North or East of Denver.

Text preferred initially. Look forward to hearing from you.

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