25lb LEGO bucket - $250 (Fort Collins)

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~25lbs of Legos in orange tote. I have sorted out almost all of the non Lego items that were in the box originally and the weight was taken after this was done. Would be an excellent way to occupy the kids with something other than video games this summer.

Some of the sets that make up this bucket are:
- Millennium Falcon 7965
- Mandalorian Speeder 75022 (I'm pretty sure it's 75022, can't quite remember)
- One of the older Tri Fighters (I can't remember which it is and the pictures online all look too similar)
- Sonic Boom 5892 (Just started to rebuild, haven't gotten very far, but some completed chunks are floating around in there, light bricks may be in there but are almost certainly dead at this point)
- Rise of the Sphinx 7326
- Golden Staff Guardians 7306
- Arctic Base Camp 60036 (In chunks, Snow crawler is complete.)
- Arctic Helicrane 60034 (~99% complete)
- Twin Blade Adventures 31020 (Built and has all pieces)
- Furry Creatures 31021 (Built, has all pieces)
- Technic Quad Bike 9392 (Engine block piece may be missing, suspension there.)
- Ice Dragon Attack 2260
- Lego Technic Record Breaker 42033 (intact)
- Lego Creator Lakeside Lodge 31048 (most pieces are there and it is built, can't remember if the moose is in there)
- Lego City Dragster Transporter 60151 (most of it is there and intact, I did drop it at one point and couldn't get it back together correctly, so it may need a bit of a rebuild.)
- Lego Classic Gray Baseplate 11024
- And more

*All the sets are in pieces, unsorted, and possibly missing components unless listed as other wise.*
*There are no boxes or instructions included. Instructions can be found on Lego's website if desired.*

There are quite a few minifigs in there and some accessories.

Please email if genuinely interested and we can set up a time and place to meet.


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