FUNKO POP MANIA!!! - $5 (Windsor)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Funko
model name / number: POPs
Private Funko collection for sale at fantastic prices! Most are in excellent condition, with very minor cosmetic issues to the boxes only, (unless noted otherwise). The Pops themselves are new, never taken out. All are brand new, never opened.

The PPG is The Post Price Guide. It's the blue book for current value on Funko items.

ASK is the asking price.

I'm asking right at half (50% off) of the current PPG value for most of the Pops. Some Pops are a little more and some are a little less. At these prices, I will knock off a "few" dollars for bundles of 3 or more items, but these are insanely good deals already.

Sorry, but I can NOT save or hold anything! I tried that before and it didn't work so well. I can accept PayPal Friends & Family for payment and of course this means the item(s) are sold, so that's the way to do it, if you can't get over here quickly. First come, BUT, 1st to pay gets the item(s). Again, I can't hold/save items...sorry!

See pictures for pops and condition.

I'll update the below list as items sell. The list below is the CURRENT inventory...NOT the pictures.

Cash and carry only, (or PayPal F&F).

POPS AVAILABLE (1st Come, 1st Paid):

Aquaman And Motherbox #199 (2017 Summer Con) PPG16 ASK8
Arthur Harrow from Moon Knight #1051 PPG14 ASK7
Billy Ray Valentine from Trading Places #674 PPG12 ASK6
Boomerang from Suicide Squad #101 PPG8 ASK5
Bugs Bunny in "Show Outfit" #841 PPG19 ASK$10
Carl from Dug Days #1096 PPG7 ASK5
Chicken from Cartoon Network #1072 PPG13 ASK7
Choco from Line Friends #930 PPG8 ASK5
Death Watch Mandalorian from Star Wars #561 PPG19 ASK 10
Doctor Strange Specialty Series #1008 PPG20 ASK10
Doctor Voodoo (Walgreen's Exclusive) #1060 PPG10 ASK6
Dustin from Stranger Things #1463 PPG12 ASK7
Eleven from Stranger Things #1297 PPG12 ASK7
Evil -Lyn from MOTU # 86 (box has a couple of stickers) PPG10 ASK5
George from Seinfeld #1082 PPG10 ASK5
Goofy (Monster's Inc.) #409 PPG12 ASK6
Green Lantern #317 Specialty Series (back bottom damage) PPG16 ASK8
Hawkeye #1211 PPG11 ASK6
Hulk from Avengers #575, (back box damage) PPG16 ASK8
Hulk "GamerVerse" #629 (top corner damage) PPG20 ASK10
Jen from Dawson's Creek #886 PPG8 ASK5
Jimmy from a League Of Their Own #785 PPG12 ASK6
Jonathan from Stranger Things #1459 PPG12 ASK7
Josh Baskin from Big #795 PPG18 ASK9
Kelly from Black Mirror #941 PPG11 ASK6
Killer Croc from Suicide Squad #102 PPG8 ASK5
Killers Eddie from Iron Maiden #144 PPG20 ASK12
Khonshu from Moon Knight #1049 PPG14 ASK8
Kuiil from Mandalorian #329 PPG21 ASK12
Layla El-Faquly from Moon Knight #1050 PPG19 ASK10
Left Eye from TLC #229 PPG14 ASK7
Liam Gallagher from Oasis #256 PPG15 ASK8
Nanette Cole from Black Mirror #944 PPG10 ASK5
Revenant from Apex #872 PPG12 ASK6
Rick Flag from Suicide Squad #99 PPG8 ASK5
Robert Daly from Black Mirror #943 (back box damage) PPG11 ASK5
Rocket from Avengers (Walmart Exclusive) PPG18 ASK9
Ruby from Ash vs. Evil Dead #398, (moderate box damage) PPG17 ASK8
Sally from Line Freinds, (some box damage) #931 PPG10 ASK5
Skull Trooper from Fortnite #438 PPG13 ASK7
Slash from Guns & Roses, (sticker residue on box) #51 PPG16 ASK8
Sloth from The Goonies #1065 PPG17 ASK10
Spock from Star Trek #SE *Rivet PPG15 ASK10
Sunni from the Gummi Bears #780 PPG11 ASK6
Takemura from Cyberpunk #589 PPG12 ASK6
The Hunter from Dark Crystal #862 PPG10 ASK6
The Joker from Suicide Squad #96 PPG12 ASK7
Time from Alice #184 (minor window damage) PPG14 ASK7
Tiny Tiger From Crash Bandicoot #533 PPG10 ASK5
Tummi from the Gummi Bears #777 PPG19 ASK 9
Unmasked Corvo from DisHonored2 #125 PPG8 ASK5
Vicious from Cowboy Bebop #469 PPG20 ASK10
Wolfman from Disney #454 (moderate box damage) PPG14 ASK7
Wonder Woman (Walmart Exclusive) #175 PPG8 ASK5
Yoda from Star Wars, Pink Valentine Pop #421 (bottom box damage) PPG13 ASK 6
Zombie Deadpool #661, (minor box damage) PPG15 ASK8
Zombie Gambit #788, (bottom front box damage) PPG18 ASK9
Zombie Silver Surfer (Special Edition) #675 PPG27 ASK15
Zummi from the Gummi Bears #781 PPG13 ASK 6


Chernabog PPG15 ASK8
Eric Draven PPG15 ASK8
Neo PPG15 ASK8
Peter Venkman (International) PPG11 ASK6
Queen Ramonda PPG10 ASK6
Rat Fink PPG19 ASK9
Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey PPG13 ASK7
Space Cadet PPG8 ASK5
Spikey PPG15 ASK8
Tails PPG15 ASK8
Yogi Bear PPG13 ASK7

Cash and carry only, (or PayPal F&F).

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