Will Cut Down Your Small Trees, FREE! FREE Tree Cutting! (Greeley)


I have a live edge hobby I want to "feed," so I'm offering to discuss cutting down your small still live trees! I'm open to POTENTIALLY cutting down dead ones, but most of the hobby work I do needs tree wood with bark. I can also work with you to haul away log sections of a barked tree you have cut down by a tree service, too.

If these trees are too close to homes or other vital structures, I may have to decline. But if they are in positions where I can easily drop them without risk of causing harm to structures, I'm very open to doing it.

If you have larger trees being cut down by a tree service, I am willing to haul away those sections that are between 11 and about 20 inches. If the service won't cut them in lengths I can handle using a 2-wheel dolly, I can bring my own chainsaws over to cut them to sizes I can easily get to and load into my truck. This can help save you money on the fees they charge to haul away the wood. My truck, though, won't handle logs much larger than about 20 inches in diameter.

LOCATION = I'm willing to consider trees from within or around the Greeley area. If outside of Greeley, I'm willing to drive up to 30-40 minutes away from Greeley. Let me know where you are located, and we can talk from there.

Here's how it works =
**We discuss the size and location of the trees you need downed.

**You send me pictures so I can get an idea of what the job might look like.

**I come over when I am able to be jobs to get a physical look at them to confirm whether or not I can do the job.

**If we both agree on doing this, we agree on a day and time for me to come over with chainsaws, truck, and 2-wheel dolly.

**I come over on the agreed date and cut the tree down. If there is more than one tree, we'll do a tree per day, to give me time to put away the logs from each downed tree.

**I will trim the main logs of all branches. I will cut up the main logs into lengths I can handle loading into my 2-wheel drive truck. I will take all main logs, and a few of the larger branch segments. I will leave all smaller branches I cannot you, and you will need to dispose of those. I'll help you pile up the smaller branches I can't use.

NOTE #1: Depending on the size of the trees involved, I may need assistance with pulling it or them down with a rope while I'm cutting at the base(s).

NOTE #2: In most cases I will arrange to do the tree cutting on Saturdays, and potentially on Sundays. I have every other weekend off to do this, and I'll work with you to schedule which weekends work best for both of us.

NOTE #3: If you need my help with doing so, I am willing to post a FREE add on Craig's List to let people come over to take as much of the small branches pile(s) that I leave behind. If we do that, I'll ask that you let me know when somebody comes to get any of it. That way I can pull ad when everything has been claimed.

NOTE #4: If you have particularly large trees that HAVE to be taken down by a tree service, let me know how large. If I'm able to handle cutting up and removing any part of those trees, too, I'll work that out with you. I can probably handle cutting up and hauling away logs that are 25 to 26 inches in diameter and down.

Again, if your tree is LIVE and has bark, I'll choose that one over anyone's tree who is dead and lost or is losing it's bark.

Thanks for considering my offer, and let me know what you have.

Let me know if you're interested.


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